Madison School District Preschool Expands and Moves

Madison school district preschool expands and moves.

When Madison Elementary opened in early 2015, it combined both Halfman and Edison Elementary schools, merging their students with room to spare.  With new student enrollment up, the program is now two years ahead of where district officials thought it would be.

This has left the preschool program feeling a bit tight for room.  So, starting with the new school year this fall, the preschool program will move from its current five rooms at Madison Elementary to 10 rooms at Halfman.  This will also free up additional room for the K-5 students at Madison Elementary.

The new facilities will be called the Madison Early Childhood Center.  The plan is to remodel the Couzens side so that it will have its own separate entrance to the building.  The new addition will feature the same amenities as Madison Elementary, such as a safe and secure entrance featuring modern technology.

The preschool program includes the current Great Start Readiness Program, a state-funded program designed to better prepare 4-year-olds for kindergarten.  In addition, in the near future we will begin implementing Head Start, a federal program for kids 3 years and younger.  We will have the ability to grow both of these programs to meet the needs of a wider range of families.

The expanded preschool program is an opportunity to serve even more children.  The early years in a child’s educational life are very important.  This new center and these programs will help create the building blocks of educational success for every child that walks through the doors.

It is amazing to think that in time there will be children that will start in this preschool building and then graduate from Madison High.  We are very excited for the things that will be happening in our early childhood programs.

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